Computer Repair
We repair all makes and models of Windows™¹-based computers.


Network Installation and Management

We provide installation and management of small-business and home-based ethernet networks operating on the Microsoft Windows™¹ platform.


Computer Consulting
We can help you assess your needs and select the right hardware and software for your business or home.


Computer Setup
We offer a computer setup service where we first ensure that all hardware and software is properly installed and functioning correctly. We then ensure all currently available software updates and drivers are installed, which is done in our shop. We then do a final setup in your home or office and provide you with a recommended maintenance program which can be, at your request, automated to the extent available in Microsoft Windows™¹ or, if you prefer, we can provide an e-mail subscription service to remind you to attend to regular maintenance and to alert you to important issues which come to our attention.


Computer Training
We provide group in-house and one-on-one training in various software programs. This is particularly useful to persons who are new to computers and to seniors who wish to participate in this exciting new technology, but are self-conscious about taking a group-based training course before they have a basic understanding on which to build. We also provide beginning, intermediate and advanced training in several computer-related areas. Call us to see what is available.

¹ Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, 2000, ME, and XP