We provide in-home one-on-one training for individuals and families, as well as training for larger groups in-house for small business and home business clients.

Key Benefits


We have used and currently use the hardware and software we provide training for.
Emphasis on Resources
Our goal is not only to get you started with the basic information you need in an organized and clear manner, but to teach you how to find resources for yourself so that you can continue learning on an ongoing basis and need only seek training or further paid assistance as and when you get "stuck" on something.
Emphasis on General Principles
We emphasize practical general principles. Within the Microsoft Windows™¹ environment, there is a considerable degree of uniformity between programs. We teach practical approaches that will help you deal with new software by quickly identifying those commands and instructions that you already know, so you can focus on learning the unique features of the program. It also helps keep frustration to a minimum when you can feel you are on familiar ground a significant part of the time even with new programs.


¹ Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, 2000, ME, and XP


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