Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is CyberSMITH?
  2. Why CyberSMITH?
  3. Where is your picture from?

Where is CyberSMITH?

We are a home-based business located in Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada. Minnedosa is set in a picturesque valley at the junction of Hwy 10 and Hwy 16 (the "Yellowhead Highway") in southwestern Manitoba.

Why CyberSMITH?

We offer personalized service. We do the things dealers traditionally don't have time to do. In the computer sales business, price is the primary consideration. A high volume of sales are necessary to stay in business. 

For those who are "computer literate" this is not a problem. In fact, much of the appeal of computers for many people is the "tinkering" and "tweaking" that they do. It is, in some respects, the 21st Century equivalent of the late 20th Century hobby of tuning up and working on our automobiles in our garage or working on small projects in our basement or garage workshops.

If you are not "computer literate," however, computers are confusing and the thought of making changes to them is frightening. This leaves many people "behind." Seniors and newcomers to computers would like to have a computer to experience the wonder of modern technology, to "surf" the net, to research their hobbies, to stay in contact with friends and family, or to improve their work-related computer skills for better opportunities or job prospects. Frequently, however, they find themselves intimidated by these "complex" machines. This is understandably so. No one ever started out an "expert" at anything. Everything we have done in our life has had a "learning curve." This is where we focus our energies.

We combine several computer-related disciplines because, like the blacksmith of former days who was a "generalist", our community is small and many services are needed. People want and need these services close to where they live and work.

Where is your picture from?

"The Country Blacksmith" is part of a collection of original oil paintings by the late Francis Gordon Roe (FiGiRoe) on display at our home office.