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We are CyberSMITH.

Like the blacksmiths of yesteryear, we labour to keep you productive by providing computer repair and upgrading services, training and consulting. Our job is to keep your computer equipment running smoothly so you can do what you do best.

We provide services to small and large businesses, home businesses, individuals and families.

Computers are a big part of our daily life, both at work and at play. 

Can you be without this valuable and remarkable tool for long? We can get you back up and running fast. 

Can you give an advantage to your competition by falling behind in technology? We can upgrade your existing computer equipment to make it more productive and extend its useful life.

Can you have your computers serve as expensive paperweights because they are not being used correctly? We can provide consulting and training to match the software to the job and teach you to use the software as it was intended to be used.

Call us now and see what we can do for you.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide computer repair, upgrading, consulting and training services to you, our clients, in a skillful and cost-effective way. Our goal is to serve you with the same attention to detail and workmanship that the local blacksmith provided to our ancestors. In those days, it had to be done right. Survival depended on it. Today, business and academic survival depends upon having the right tools, functioning at their best, in the hands of trained and skilled people. 



Company Profile

We are a family-run, home business, offering computer repair, upgrading, consulting and training services to businesses and individuals in the Minnedosa and Neepawa Area, and English-language consulting, TimeMatters and HotDocs coding services to clients from anywhere computers are used through the magic of the Internet.



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